Day: August 23, 2019

S.G. Preston is purposed to buy Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery

The damaged Philadelphia Energy Solutions “PES” refinery received the interest from first potential buyer from Philadelphia-based biofuel company S.G. Preston Co. The company which intends to use the PES refinery for making renewable diesel, marine diesel and jet fuel, according to Reuters. Back in June the Philadelphia Energy Solutions’ refinery had stopped operations when the […]

Toyota Recalls 191,000 cars for air bag replacements

Toyota has decided to recall 191,000 cars for airbag fixing because of worries that the airbags may not inflate. Auto-manufacturing giant has recalled the cars particularly in the United States and Japan. Company will fix the Takata airbags that may not unfold properly during car crash. The company announced that mainly the airbags in 2003 […]

China to launch its Cryptocurrency, as earlier as November

China is ready to roll out its cryptocurrency that will be distributed to seven major Chinese institutions as two sources told Forbes. The Commercial Bank of China, two other major banks along with top Chinese Companies that involve millions of financial transactions on daily basis including Alibaba and Tencent will join China’s Central Bank to […]

US Farmers Pain Deepens Amid US Oil Waivers and Trade War

After rising anger in Farmers and the economic concerns over the relief given to oil refiners on rules that require them to blend some ratio of biofuels in crude oil, lawmakers and cabinet members ask President Trump to rethink about the waivers or the decreasing production of biofuel. It’s becoming hard for Trump Administration to […]

Nearly 100 Companies Relocate to Netherlands After Brexit

Since the Brexit has been decided many companies that headquartered in UK are looking to stay in the EU zone. Now the news come Dutch sources that nearly 100 companies have left Britain and moved to the Netherlands or setting up the offices. Jeroen Nijland, a NFIA Commissioner said that Netherlands is a potential new […]

Nivdia and VMware announces Hybrid Cloud for GPU Virtualizing

After a collaboration on improving the virtualization of AI, machine and deep learning workload on Cloud platform, Nivdia and VMware officially revealed a new software product called VComputeServer. The virtual GPU technology will come to VMware’s vSphere and VMware cloud on AWS which runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud. VComputeServer that will also let […]