AddSecure appoints Uno Zell as Managing Director for Lund’s ProgramArkitekter AB

AddSecure appoints Uno Zell as Managing Director for Lund’s ProgramArkitekter AB

AddSecure, the leading European provider of secure IoT connectivity solutions, has announced that Uno Zell will be the new Managing Director of its subsidiary Lund’s ProgramArkitekter AB (LPA). This comes after LPA was acquired by AddSecure in June 2022.

LPA is known for its development and sales of IT systems designed for rescue services, which AddSecure is incorporating into its portfolio for the Swedish rescue services and municipalities. Uno Zell’s appointment is expected to help further develop LPA’s advanced software services and strengthen its position in the market.

Extensive experience in public safety

Uno Zell has extensive experience in public safety, having worked with various types of technical systems and communication solutions. He previously worked as Key Account Manager for Swedish Northcom AB, where he was responsible for customers such as municipalities, county councils, energy companies, and authorities.

“With his solid experience and knowledge within the rescue services in Sweden, and strong competence in secure critical communications, Uno is the right person to develop LPA further,” says Stefan Albertsson, CEO at AddSecure.

Excited about joining LPA

Uno Zell expressed his enthusiasm for joining LPA and working with customers in the public safety segment. He values personal interaction and is looking forward to developing LPA’s Daedalos Respons and other products and services with existing and new customers.

“I greatly value the personal meeting, and look forward to developing LPA’s Daedalos Respons, and other products and services, together with existing and new customers, making them the best solutions on the market,” says Uno Zell.

Appointment begins March 1, 2023

Uno Zell started his new position as Managing Director of Lund’s ProgramArkitekter AB on March 1, 2023. This appointment is expected to benefit both AddSecure and LPA, and the entire public safety segment in Sweden.

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