Apple Releases Paria Farzaneh Special Edition Powerbeats Pro

Apple Releases Paria Farzaneh Special Edition Powerbeats Pro

Apple has teamed up with a London-based designer, Paria Farzaneh, to release a special edition of the Powerbeats Pro earphones in a special and funky yellow and dark purple pattern for $250. The design of this special edition earphone was inspired by the Iranian designer in London.

In addition to the unique yellow and dark purple pattern printed on the Powerbeats Pro case and the earphones themselves, the Bluetooth earphones come in a unique box with special stickers.

The Paria Farzaneh Special Edition headphones, like the regular PowerBeats Pro, cost $250 and are currently on sale exclusively at SSENSE. Apple is currently running a special offer on its website for the standard version of the Powerbeats Pro, the latest price being $200.

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