Artificial Heart Innovation Takes the Spotlight in Cairo Congress

Artificial Heart Innovation Takes the Spotlight in Cairo Congress

The founder, innovator, and medical director of Realheart, Azad Najar, had the honor of presenting the company’s artificial heart as a keynote speaker at a congress in Cairo early this year. The congress, organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, had Artificial Intelligence (AI) as its main theme.

Potential for Life-Saving Impact

The congress gathered 125 participants from 25 countries, primarily young researchers in applied artificial intelligence, including the healthcare sector. Najar discussed the potential for AI to be used in artificial organs in the future, specifically in improving patient safety for heart pump patients.

Realheart® TAH: Advanced Control System

Najar explained that Realheart® TAH is automatically controlled by sensors that detect blood flow and regulate the amount pumped out. The control system generates a large amount of data and the company has been investigating how AI can be used to make sense of it. Studies have shown high efficiency and accuracy in automatic blood flow regulation.

Heart Disease in the Middle East

In the Middle East, very few heart transplants are performed and heart failure patients, regardless of age, often die from the disease. The average age of heart failure patients is also about 10 years younger than in the Western world. Najar expressed excitement at the potential for Realheart to save lives and improve quality of life for those affected in the Middle East, where heart disease takes a significant toll.


Realheart® TAH’s advanced control algorithm allows the artificial heart to meet the body’s blood needs by adjusting heart rate, stroke volume, and balancing blood flow to the lungs and body. The interest in Realheart and Najar’s innovation in the Middle East highlights the potential for this technology to save lives and improve quality of life for those affected by heart disease.

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