China censors latest ‘Minions’ movie, villain jailed for ending

China censors latest ‘Minions’ movie, villain jailed for ending

The ending of Minions Fever, the latest installment in the popular anime series Despicable Me, has been altered due to censorship, according to a Chinese social media site (SNS) user. ing.

In China, Hollywood productions are sometimes edited for political reasons.

According to Weibo posts and screenshots, the latest Minions movie will end with main character Wild Knuckles being caught by the police and serving 20 years in prison.

The international version, on the other hand, ends with Wild Knuckles faking his own death to avoid arrest and then riding off with Gru on horseback.

An online film critic with 14.4 million Weibo followers wrote, “Only China needs special guidance and consideration for fear of being ‘corrupted’ by anime.”

Distributor Universal Pictures was not immediately available for comment.

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