D&S Marketing Systems and Magic EdTech Make Partnership for AP Preparation eBooks

D&S Marketing Systems and Magic EdTech Make Partnership for AP Preparation eBooks

D&S Marketing Systems (D&S) which is New York based advanced placement preparation books provider is looking for offering a solution for schools to access their publications digitally. This new solution will help schools for eBooks as many of them are looking to phase out of traditional physical textbooks.

For this purpose, D&S has made a partnership with Magic EdTech as Magic EdTech technology will empower this digital initiative of D&S to teachers and studiers.

D&S has plans to broaden its base by offering its learning materials via a digital platform. D&S company has a reputation in the AP preparation and review segment. The company’s educational products include learning resources and content authored and edited by the most reputed academics in the field. Many private and public schools based in United States buy the D&S resources as a source of setting up bright future for their students.

The collaboration of MagicBox in this initiative will help D&S in offering AP preparation textbooks in a format that can run properly on multiple devices and operating systems.

However, D&S will keep publishing and offering traditional physical books for those who require them.

MagicBox’s eReader comes with advanced compatibilities and options that offer interactive and personalized learning in addition to online and offline capabilities for a smooth experience.

Statement of D&S Founder and President

Founder and President of D&S David Lederman said “The company believes no job is more important than helping students learn, reach their full potential, and achieve success. We are excited to offer D&S eBooks to our schools! Not only can eBooks be delivered instantly, they can accommodate more learning styles and students can study anywhere at any time. Additionally, the app offers many features including bookmarking, searching, annotation, highlighting, teacher dashboard to track student analytics and more.”

Statement of Magic Edtech Chief Product Officer

Magic Edtech Chief Product Officer Annu C Singh said, “This partnership is significant to us because it furthers our commitment to ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in education and fulfilling our mission of Digital Education for Everyone.”


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