Entering for battery replacement? Wuling Motors Announces New Species: 200 Seconds, Battery Life Zero Anxiety

Entering for battery replacement? Wuling Motors Announces New Species: 200 Seconds, Battery Life Zero Anxiety

A few days ago, Wuling Motors announced that it will announce the new species at the World New Energy Vehicle Conference to be held in Haikou on September 15.


Wuling preview, 200 seconds, battery life 0 anxiety.


Judging from the poster, what Wuling will most likely announce is the replacement program.


In fact, the battery swap has been written into the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” issued by the State Council. The document is clear, and strives to make the charging and replacement service network convenient and efficient after 15 years of continuous efforts.


It is understood that as of now, there have been 59 battery swap models from 30 companies. The next step will be to establish and improve the standard system for battery swapping for electric vehicles, speed up the formulation of standards for battery packs for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, improve the standard system for power batteries for new energy vehicles, and the recycling management system, and advance the technical requirements and specifications for power batteries. Uniformity of size.


At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also take power station swaps as the focus of new infrastructure, vigorously build an economic and convenient “vehicle and electricity separation” power swap service network, continue to improve the power swap standard system according to the power swap technology and the development needs of related industries, and accelerate the promotion of battery swapping The development of key standards such as package dimensions and dimensions to promote the shared use of power exchange facilities.


As of the end of June 2021, China has built 1.947 million charging piles of various types, forming the world’s largest network of charging and swapping facilities.

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