Exxon to appoint Kasarn Mickels as Chief Financial Officer

Exxon to appoint Kasarn Mickels as Chief Financial Officer

Women’s outsider Kasarn Mickels will be appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of US oil giant ExxonMobil on August 9. Under the pressure of investors, energy companies are diversifying their workforce, and this is the first time that women have joined Exxon’s top management committee, either from outside.

To date, the senior vice presidents have all been male and internal, according to the Exxon website, and are members of the current executive committee, which consists of a CEO and three senior vice presidents. All four have more than 20 years of experience at the company.

“We welcome Kathy (Mickels) to join ExxonMobil and look forward to her perspective and experience as we work together to increase shareholder value,” Exxon’s CEO Woods said in a statement dated 19th. And said.

Mr. Mickels is the first major appointment by Exxon since this year’s shareholders’ meeting, where outside investors led the board renewal. At the general meeting of shareholders, engine number one, a “speaking shareholder,” proposed multiple board candidates, and former Andever CEO Greg Goff and others were elected.

New York analyst Paul Sanky said, “It’s a clear first move to show a change in management and tone. Exxon’s history has been a rigorous hierarchy. We anticipate from the board changes that have already taken place. It’s an unprecedented move. “

According to Exxon’s statement, Mickels will replace Andrew Swiger, Principal Finance Officer (Senior Vice President), who entered Exxon in 1978 and has reached retirement age.

Mr. Mikels has worked for Diageo and United Airlines, a liquor maker. In addition to being responsible for fuel hedging strategy, he was also an assistant restructuring officer at the airline.

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