Ford files patent application for car engine remote start system

Ford files patent application for car engine remote start system

According to a patent application, Mustang and other Ford fan sites, Ford is developing a new technology that will allow owners to crank their engines remotely. Patent number US20220137616 was filed on November 3, 2020 and published on May 5, 2022. According to the application, the technology would allow car owners to use a “user-operated input device” to start their engine without having to press the gas pedal. The vehicle’s engine can be started at “different distances from the vehicle” — in other words, remotely.

Starting the engine remotely seems like an idea almost exclusively for car enthusiasts. Even standing outside the car can start the engine at the push of a button, and while Silicon Valley companies like Tesla are getting all the media attention for their unconventional new car features, this veteran manufacturer from Detroit Auto Shang and its brethren were largely on the sidelines. For example, Tesla’s Boombox mode can play custom audio — including farts — outside the car.

Of course, Ford is far from ready to turn customers’ vehicles into a remote control car, but this patent filing shows that the company is trying to jump out of the way when it comes to new features designed to inspire joy in customers. Original domain thinking.

As Ford Motor Co. points out, the company has filed a number of patent applications aimed at fans in recent months, including drift mode and remote parking features. The remote engine revs feature is likely to be a delight to those car owners who attend auto shows, and if the feature described in this patent does make it to the car, owners won’t have to every time they want to show off their car’s engine sound. Get into the car.

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