Google Flutter 3 adds support for macOS and Linux apps

Google Flutter 3 adds support for macOS and Linux apps

At the Google I/O developer conference, Flutter 3 announced the completion of its roadmap from a mobile-centric to a multi-platform framework, providing support for macOS and Linux desktop applications, improved Firebase integration, and more New productivity features and performance improvements , plus support for Apple Silicon.

It is reported that in the four years since the release of Flutter 1.0 Beta, Flutter has gradually developed, adding new framework functions and new widgets, integrating more deeply with the underlying platform, adding a wealth of package libraries, and in addition to Many performance and tooling improvements. More than 500,000 apps have been published using Flutter.

With the official release of Flutter 3, Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities have been further improved. Previous versions of Flutter have added support for the web and Windows platforms in addition to the iOS and Android platforms, and now Flutter 3 adds support for macOS and Linux apps.

This also means that with Flutter 3, developers can build experiences for 6 platforms with only one codebase.

The Flutter team says that adding platform support requires more than just rendering pixels, but also support for new input and interaction models, compilation and build support, accessibility and internationalization support, and platform-specific integration.

On macOS, Flutter 3 has dedicated resources to support  Intel  and Apple Silicon, and provides Universal Binary support, enabling applications to be packaged into executables that run natively on both architectures. On Linux, Canonical and Google have partnered to bring developers the best possible development tools that are highly integrated.

In addition to that, Flutter already fully supports native development on Apple Silicon, enables faster compilation on M1-powered devices, and supports universal binaries for macOS apps.

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