Joyoung Say: Some products started to use Huawei Hongmeng system

Joyoung Say: Some products started to use Huawei Hongmeng system

An investor asked Joyoung on the interactive platform: Does the company have a willingness to cooperate with Huawei in depth? Joyoung said that some of the company’s products have begun to use the Huawei Hongmeng system.


At the HDC 2020 Developers Conference in September last year, Huawei officially launched the Hongmeng 2.0 system, which has functions such as cross-device collaboration, large and small screen interaction, fast network distribution, and visual and speakable AI empowered voice interaction. The first batch of support Hongmeng Systems has three brands: Midea, Joyoung and Boss Electric.

It is reported that in November last year, nine positive on the release of its new generation micro-Bo do not hand wash milk machine K2S equipped HarmonyOS and Works with HUAWEI HiLink technology.


It is worth mentioning that last month, Huawei’s rotating chairman Hu Houkun stated that the next step of Huawei’s Hongmeng operating system is to be launched on mobile phones. More than 20 hardware manufacturers and more than 280 software manufacturers have participated in the construction of the Hongmeng ecosystem.

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