Kadir Şeker, who was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison on the grounds that he killed Duran while trying to prevent Özgür Duran, whom he claimed to have committed violence against his lover Ayşe Dırla in Konya, and this decision was overturned by the Supreme Court, was decided to continue his detention in the court where he appeared today. . Şeker’s sentence was reduced to 10 years and 10 months.

In its final opinion, the Prosecutor’s Office demanded Kadir Şeker’s release, taking into account the time he spent in prison.

It was considered that if the local court applied the “unjust provocation” reduction at the highest level, taking into account the Supreme Court’s decision, Şeker’s sentence could be reduced to 10 years, and then his release would be decided, taking into account the time he was in prison.

Making a statement at the end of the hearing, Emrah Daylan, one of Kadir Şeker’s lawyers, said that the file will now go to the Supreme Court again and that they expect release in a few months.

Daylan said, “I think the case will be examined quickly by the Supreme Court and Kadir will be released in a few months.” he said he

Mübeyyen Güner, mother of Özgür Duran, who lost his life in court, took the floor again and reacted to the request for release.

Güner said, “Here, let this child be innocent. I will save it with my own hands. I cannot have such a state. He was punished like a reward,” he said.

Kadir Şeker, whose last words were asked, said, “I went because I was sad. He attacked me from behind. He clenched my throat. I felt the pain in my lungs. I’m out of breath. I took out my knife in case he was afraid of the sound of the knife. I did not notice that the victim was injured. I just felt pain in my right hand. I didn’t hear the woman cry. He made statements against me. I don’t want to say anything. I just wanted to help. I am sorry that I lost his life,” he said.

What happened?

The event took place in a park in the Kosova District of Konya on February 5, 2020. Kadir Şeker heard arguments and tried to prevent it, thinking that Ayşe Dırla was being abused.

According to Şeker, during the fight between Duran and Şeker, Şeker took out the knife on him. During the struggle, the knife plunged into Özgür Duran’s heart.

In the case opened against Şeker on the charge of “deliberate homicide” and heard at the 3rd High Criminal Court in October 2020, a sentence of life imprisonment was given; this sentence was first reduced to 15 years on the grounds that the crime was committed under “unjust provocation”, and then to 12.5 years, considering his good behavior at the trial.

On June 15, 2022, the 1st Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals found the sentence given to Kadir Şeker to be high and wanted the decision to be reversed.

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