Microsoft plans to build 50 to 100 new data centers every year and expand 10 new market areas within 2021

Microsoft plans to build 50 to 100 new data centers every year and expand 10 new market areas within 2021

Earlier this week, Microsoft Story Lab launched the “We Live in The Cloud” website to take everyone to a virtual tour of the technology giant’s data centers around the world. Now, Microsoft has disclosed its new plan in the next few years. These include 50 to 100 new data centers every year, and plans to expand to 10 new market areas by the end of 2021.

Although no more detailed roadmap has been announced, the company currently manages more than 200 data centers in 34 market regions around the world.


However, OnMSFT speculates that in order to achieve the goal of building at least 50 new data centers each year, it must include the physical consolidation and transformation of certain data centers, as well as partnerships with other companies.


Interestingly, due to factors such as component shortages, Microsoft complained last year that the company encountered difficulties in investing in the data center business.


As for the newly launched We Live in The Cloud cloud tour site, it aims to attract students and researchers and help companies quickly understand the planned data center layout.


In addition, you can even view innovative guided walkthroughs equipped with quantum computers, DNA storage research and related solutions on the web.


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