Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Miyagi Factory stop operation

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Miyagi Factory stop operation

Murata Manufacturing’s two factories in Miyagi Prefecture have been inoperable for 18 days. Currently, we are dealing with inventory shipments, etc., but since both factories produce parts with a high market share for smartphones, if the outage is prolonged, it may affect the entire supply chain. be.

The Tome factory in Miyagi prefecture, where a fire broke out after the earthquake, is said to have collapsed in some facilities, and restoration work is ongoing today.

The factory produces chip inductors used for noise suppression such as smartphones. The product has the top class share in the world and has strong inquiries, but it is currently being handled by shipping inventory. In addition, Malaysia is also producing products that can be partially replaced, and there is a possibility that it will start support production in the future.

The Sendai factory in Miyagi prefecture, which produces radio wave filtering devices for smartphones, has yet to resume operations. This device is for receiving a specific frequency, and is the top with a 50% share of the world market. However, since the Kanazawa factory, which is the main production base, is in operation, it has not reached a major supply shortage.

On the other hand, the Motomiya and Koriyama factories, which produce lithium-ion batteries for small electronic devices in Fukushima prefecture, have almost completed their restoration and are preparing for operation today.

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