Nearly 100 Companies Relocate to Netherlands After Brexit

Since the Brexit has been decided many companies that headquartered in UK are looking to stay in the EU zone. Now the news come Dutch sources that nearly 100 companies have left Britain and moved to the Netherlands or setting up the offices.

Jeroen Nijland, a NFIA Commissioner said that Netherlands is a potential new base in the European Market so more and more companies moving into Netherlands after uncertain situation and possibility of a no deal causing economic rest for the companies that headquartered in UK.

 “The ongoing growing uncertainty in the United Kingdom, and the increasingly clearer possibility of a no deal, is causing major economic unrest for these companies,” He said. “That is why more and more companies are orienting themselves in the Netherlands as a potential new base in the European Market.”

According to the NFLA, the businesses looking for relocating from Britain to Netherlands are from the finance, IT, advertising, media, life sciences and health sector. Netherlands is competing with Germany, France, Belgium and Ireland to attract Brexit-related moves.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment claimed more 325 companies that are worried about losing European Market base and the benefits EU gives to the European Businesses are also looking to move.

Top companies looking for moving from UK also include some big Japanese names like Sony, Panasonic, Market Axess, Azemo and Japanese bank Mitsubishi UFG have also decided the Netherlands as new home after Brexit. It’s been said Sony would move its European headquarters to Amsterdam while the staff may remain in the UK. Even some UK vested companies may relocate as well. 

Netherlands is competing with Germany, France, Belgium and Ireland in Brexit related moves of companies from UK.

The Brexit process is projected to complete at the end of the October according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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