Nivdia and VMware announces Hybrid Cloud for GPU Virtualizing

After a collaboration on improving the virtualization of AI, machine and deep learning workload on Cloud platform, Nivdia and VMware officially revealed a new software product called VComputeServer. The virtual GPU technology will come to VMware’s vSphere and VMware cloud on AWS which runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

VComputeServer that will also let virtualize Nvidia’s GPUs on cloud platform like VMware’s vSphere. As said it’s first ever cloud offering that will let VMware customers use GPUs to accelerate the AI and data science workloads.

VP of product management for Nvidia John Fanelli explained that vComputeServer retains existing workflows and lowers overall operational costs while streamlining the management of GPU accelerated virtualized servers. According to Fanelli claims the Virtualization process can impact performance less than 5% but it also depends on the size and type of the workload. He says it’s a trade-off and the Enterprises should be looking for to takes benefits of virtualization such as manageability and flexibility.

“In modern data center, organizations are going to be using GPUs to power AI, deep learning, analytics,” said John Fanelli. “And due to the scale of those types of workloads, they’re going to be doing some processing on premise in data centers, some processing in clouds and continually iterating between them.”

The project starts with Nvidia’s enterprise data center product named Virtual Compute Server (vComputeServer) software. The software is optimized for VMware’s VSphere platform yet and then it will be available to the users from other major OEMS as well including Cisco, Dell, HPE, Lenovo and Supermicro.

“We’re now able to bring AI to the data center in a way that data center IT admins run and design their data centers namely, in a virtualized environment,” Fanelli said.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang said, “From operational intelligence to artificial intelligence, businesses rely on GPU-accelerated computing to make fast, accurate predictions that directly impact their bottom line.” He further said Nvidia and VMware jointly designing “the most advanced and highest performing GPU-accelerated hybrid cloud infrastructure to foster innovation across the enterprise.”

Nvidia announced vComputeServer at the VMWorld conference in San Francisco. A sort of enterprises too attended the conference that are busy in hiring data scientists and data engineers for the ambition of gaining more insights from useful public Data.

While vComputerServer has support for Rapids and it also supports the data containers. Additionally, it also let a single user share GPU as well as aggregate GPU for larger jobs.

The director of product marketing for VMware Ivan Oprencak said. “Data scientists will be able to take advantage of the cloud environment to scale up their AI, ML and other data analytics applications.”

The license for the software will be given software on GPU basis.

Additionally, the AI getting the most attention as more than half of the organizations working on AI operation and continuously looking to accelerate their AI adoption within few years.

VMware and Nvidia are supposed to work on vComputeServer offering only while VMware is also taking different steps in field of AI Workloads. Back in July the company revealed the plans to acquire Bitfusin, a company based in a Texas that has also developed a virtual OS for hardware accelerators.

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