Unilever’s Russian Roulette: Employee Conscription Amid Ukraine Crisis Rouses Controversy

Unilever’s Russian Roulette: Employee Conscription Amid Ukraine Crisis Rouses Controversy

Unilever Grapples with Russia’s Conscription Law


The multinational conglomerate Unilever finds itself in a precarious situation, grappling with the implications of Russian conscription law. In the face of escalating tensions in Ukraine, Unilever expressed its intention to comply with Russian legislation, potentially allowing its Russian employees to be conscripted into military service.


Employee Well-being Vs. Compliance with Local Laws


Committed to the safety and well-being of its approximately 3,000 Russian employees, Unilever has long-standing policies in place to ensure their protection. Yet, amid mounting pressures, the consumer goods giant confirmed in a letter to the campaign group B4Ukraine, that it would follow Russian conscription law if the situation arose.


Pressure on Unilever’s Russian Operations


Unilever’s continued presence in Russia has been a contentious issue. Advocacy groups, including B4Ukraine, have urged the company to cease operations in Russia as an economic sanction. Despite this, Unilever maintains that withdrawing from Russia is not as straightforward as it may appear.


A Firm Stand against War


In its communication to B4Ukraine, Unilever expressed vehement condemnation of the war in Ukraine. The company underscored its commitment to global principles that prioritize the safety and well-being of its employees. Still, they are compelled to abide by the laws of the countries they operate in, hence the decision to conform to the Russian conscription law.


Potential Impact on Employees


While Unilever’s commitment to local laws is commendable, it has potentially serious implications for the firm’s employees. If they are conscripted, these employees would cease to receive their salaries, an unsettling prospect that raises significant ethical concerns.


Unilever’s Financial Commitment to Russia


Unilever’s decision to remain operational in Russia has substantial financial implications. The company paid 3.8bn roubles (equivalent to approximately £33m or $36m) in taxes to the Russian state in 2022. Their primary trade comprises personal care and hygiene products, although their popular ice-cream range also continues to supply the market.


The Human Cost of War


The war’s toll on human lives is a significant concern. Reports suggest that at least 25,000 Russians have lost their lives, with some sources citing higher figures. The UK intelligence services estimate that between 40,000 and 60,000 Russian troops have died. Adding to the humanitarian crisis are allegations of war crimes committed by Russian soldiers, including rapes, torture, and killings.


The Controversy and Criticism


The decision by Unilever has been met with criticism and controversy. Campaigners argue that this move exposes the firm’s employees to potential harm, contradicting the company’s stated commitment to employee safety and well-being. Unilever, however, believes that continuing to operate under “strict constraints” is the best course of action currently available.




What is Unilever’s position regarding the war in Ukraine?

Unilever has openly condemned the war in Ukraine as a brutal, senseless act by the Russian state.


How many Unilever employees could be affected by the Russian conscription law?

Unilever has approximately 3,000 employees in Russia who could potentially be affected by the conscription law.


Will Unilever continue to pay employees who are conscripted?

No, Unilever has stated that employees who are conscripted will not continue to receive their salaries from the company.


How much did Unilever pay in taxes to the Russian state in 2022?

In 2022, Unilever paid 3.8 billion roubles (equivalent to around £33m or $36m) in taxes to the Russian state.


What are the primary products Unilever trades in Russia?

Unilever’s main business in Russia is personal care and hygiene products. However, it also continues to supply ice cream.


Key Stats:


  • Number of Unilever employees in Russia: 3,000
  • Amount paid by Unilever in taxes to Russia in 2022: 3.8bn roubles (£33m; $36m)
  • Estimated number of Russian deaths in the war: 25,000-60,000
  • Number of companies urged by B4Ukraine to cease operations in Russia: Not specified
  • Products traded by Unilever in Russia: Personal care and hygiene products, ice cream.

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