Volvo Group Takes Innovation to the Next Level with Launch of CampX Incubator

Volvo Group Takes Innovation to the Next Level with Launch of CampX Incubator

Global Collaboration Hub for Innovations

CampX, a global collaboration hub for innovations by Volvo Group, has been the birthplace of over 50 startup ideas. It provides a physical space for startups to accelerate their new ideas with the support of Volvo Group.


New Track for Early-Stage Startups

Now, Volvo Group is taking a big step forward with the launch of a new track called Incubator. Early-stage startups with cutting-edge technologies are invited to further develop their innovations with the support of Volvo Group.

Dedication to Supporting Startups

The launch of the Incubator marks Volvo Group’s continued commitment to supporting startups in developing sustainable innovations. The focus is on electromobility, autonomous vehicles, and digital solutions.

Accelerating Technology and Business Innovation

Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Deliver Group, says, “CampX is a strategic engine where we can accelerate technology and business innovation through partnerships.” With access to mentoring, networks, and business insights, startups have the assistance they need to bring their innovations to life.

Prioritized High-Tech Areas

The first batch of Incubator startups is working across a targeted range of prioritized high-tech areas. These startups include Radchat, Repli5, Kite, Fyrqom, and Autonomous Knight. Each company is working on cutting-edge technology to help advance sustainable mobility.

Encouraging Spontaneous Interactions

By having these startups physically located next to Volvo engineers, spontaneous interactions are encouraged. Helene Niklasson, Head of CampX at Deliver Group, says, “Everyone knows the best ideas are often brainstormed next to the coffee machine.”

With the launch of the CampX Incubator, Volvo Group is helping early-stage startups bring their innovative ideas to life. The Incubator provides startups with the support they need to scale their innovations and take them to market. It’s an exciting time for the transport industry as new and innovative solutions are developed.

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